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I've been an independent singer/songwriter for over twenty years cultivating a strong lyric driven brand of Indie-Rock. Together with my band, Erratic Cowboy we enjoy making lots of music, but how do we get all of that out there to the people who really want to hear it? Well, now we have this handy subscription service where we will be sharing demos, Fan exclusive tunes, and non-album tracks so you can really get into the Erratic lifestyle. Thank you so much for checking out.

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Til Willis
Lawrence, Kansas
Til Willis, born in the heat of 1980, has been making music for a long time. Currently, when not performing solo, he makes noise with Erratic Cowboy. The style of music is lyric driven rock, that draws influence from many sources. Some have described it as Tin-Roof-Rain-Water-Bop. In his years of touring the country, Til has had the pleasure to perform with such notable talents as Pete Seeger....

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